Federico Maria Rivalta’s Murder on the 18th Green

I received this book for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Ricardo Ranieri has gotten a bit of a shock. Massimo Salvioni disappeared after their last golf game with the count’s son. Unfortunately, Massimo isn’t found in the most, shall we say, lively condition. His demise is just the start of the crime spree. With the help of the D.A. Guilia Dal Nero, can Ricardo find out who’s doing the killings, without becoming a victim himself?

Story Telling: We have an Italian murder mystery here, translated into English for our benefit.

Likes: Massimo and his wife seemed like such nice people.

Dislikes: I have a confession. Ricardo isn’t one of my favorite protagonists. In fact, the most interesting thing that he ever talks about is golf. Is this a bad time to say that sports bore me?

Dal Nero is not the kind of woman that I can get along with. It seemed like she didn’t really care if Ricardo had the information that he needed to stay alive. I get it, he is a reporter, but he was keeping up his end of the bargain.

There was plenty of thing that still bother me about this book, yet going into them would spoil the story for any potential readers. Therefore, I’ll leave the dislikes as they are.

Favorites: Other than Mila, Newton, and the Salvionis there’s not much in my favorite categories.

Conclusion: This is a decent mystery. I just clashed with the characters. Oh, someone should teach Newton to not eat cellphones.


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