Chris Patchell’s In the Dark

I received this book courtesy of Mrs. Patchell for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Marissa Rooney is living every parent’s worse nightmare. Her daughter, Brooke, has disappeared during a night out with friends. Who would want to hurt Brooke? Marissa, along with Seth Crawford, is in a frantic race against time to find Brooke. Especially since she is diabetic, and she doesn’t have her insulin.

Story Telling: We have a gritty suspense story from Mrs. Patchell in this book.

Likes: The idea of the story sounded great. Marissa is devoted to her children.

Dislikes: Here’s my problem. We spent, to my mind at least, an unacceptable amount of time in the psycho’s head.

Also, the police not putting much concern or priority on a college girl’s disappearance might make sense, but not when that college girl is a diabetic. It may just be me, but I believe the police would err on the side of caution then.

Kelly was just a brat. When your sister is missing, you don’t attack your mother’s parenting skills. Especially when you just don’t like her love life.

Favorites: I don’t really have any this time around.

Conclusion: This book is more suited for those who like morally ambiguous characters and stories. For my tastes, let me have a clear-cut line of good vs. evil. I hope you enjoy it.


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