Richard J. Gausselin’s How the Grandmas and Grandpas Saved Christmas

I received this book courtesy of Mr. Gausselin, in the spirit of a fair and honest review.

Overview: It’s the final push for Santa’s toy rush in preparation for the Christmas Eve delivery date. Unfortunately, the elvish workforce has managed to put themselves out of commission. Will this be a failed Christmas? Not if Santa can help it. And he has some devoted help as well.

Story Telling: This is a combination book. There are more illustrations than is included in a more advanced book, but more words than is normal for most picture books.

Artwork: The illustrations aren’t too cartoon-y, nor too serious. Ms. Downing hit the balance point pretty well for most ages.

Likes: Santa was determined to make Christmas perfect for the children. And we get to see some good problem solving skills. I enjoyed the way that the grandparents were portrayed.

Favorite Character: I love Christmas, but I have to pick someone other than Santa. Let’s see…Eddie was pretty cool.

Favorite Quote: It’s Santa’s golden rule: “Toys are to be made with hands and heart.”

Favorite Scene: There were two. The first was seeing the snowball game. The second was when the grandmas and grandpas showed up.

Conclusion: This is a terrific addition to any Christmas tradition. It’s already made my library. Also, it may even convince your little elves to not disregard the advice of their elders.

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