Dean Koontz’s Hideaway

Overview: Hatch Harrison seems to have lucked out in life. He owns his own business, his wife is living her dream, and they’ve both survived a horrible car accident, albeit with a lot of help. The only blight seems to be the tragic death of their five-year-old son a few years prior to the accident. It’s during the trial period of an adoption that the first real signs of trouble hit. Are these visions coming because Hatch lost something in the accident? Or could it be that Hatch gained some sort of gift during his recovery?

Story Telling: I’m not sure if you would call this one a psychological thriller or a paranormal tale. Either way works for me.

Likes: Hatch had a pretty fun attitude. He saw a temperament that he didn’t like, and he avoided it in his own personality.

Lindsey was able to bypass despair when she needed to. Also, when things were a bit odd for them, she was able to roll with it.

Regina was pretty neat, once she stopped trying to sabotage her own happiness.

Dislikes: Vassago’s attitude was sickening. The sad thing is that he was completely devolving as a killer and he didn’t even see it.

Favorite Character: I have to go with Hatch.

Favorite Quote: This one was good, just for the imagery it projected. “Sooner or later, no doubt, a marching moron army would secure the passage of laws forbidding the adoption of a green-eyed, blond, deaf child by anyone but green-eyed, blond, deaf parents.” There was another one where Hatch decides that they would stand as a family or fall as one. But for the life of me, I can’t find it again.

Favorite Scene: One of the best parts was when Hatch and Regina saw Lindsey’s latest masterpiece. Then it eased into one of the best evenings for the family.

Conclusion: This was just a fun read. You can’t lose with Mr. Koontz, especially if you want a happy ending.


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