Dean Koontz’s Midnight

Disclaimer: I’m getting a bit irked with Mr. Koontz. He just keeps doing this to me. It’s just not fair. I need to sleep some time, but his books don’t make that easy. You want to go to bed, but you can’t leave off with the antagonists. Nor can you leave the protagonists in such a bad situation.

Overview: Moonlight Cove seems like the typical small town. It centers around New Wave Microtechnology, and the partnership seems mutually beneficial. Yet, something seems so wrong about the town. Wrong enough to entice the FBI to send one of their best undercover agents, Sam Booker, to look into some unexplainable deaths in the town. Tessa Lockland is in town for similar reasons, as her sister was one of those unexplained deaths. What is going on here? And does it have anything to do with New Wave’s projects?

Story Telling: This would be another soft science-fiction novel. I guess it could also fit within the horror genre.

Likes: Tessa’s optimism makes her a good person to follow. Positivity is a good trait for survival.

Sam wanted to do the right thing, he just didn’t know how to go about it at times. Other times, he seemed to be ahead of the game.

Loman Watkins has a personality that is an amazing piece of evidence of the human spirit. Also, he showed that the commitment form of love will not die easily.

Harry and Chrissy both showed great tenacity.

Dislikes: Tom Shaddack. He didn’t seem to care about anything other than his dream project.

Runningdeer was a problem for me. He tried to use others for his revenge.

Favorite Character: It would be Loman Watkins. He never let go of his humanity.

Favorite Quote: Loman tried to explain the problem to Shaddack here. “Why the hell would any of us want to evolve to some higher form with even fewer pleasures of the body and the heart? Intellectual pleasures aren’t enough, Shaddack. Life is more than that. A life that’s only intellectual isn’t tolerable.”

Favorite Scene: I thought that it was terrific when Loman realized that Sam was trying to get a message out to the FBI.

Conclusion: This is one of the top novels of Mr. Koontz’s that I would strongly recommend. It definitely made my library, as have many other Dean Koontz novels.


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