Julie Bettendorf’s Luxor Book of Past Lives

I received this book courtesy of Ms. Bettendorf for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: The lives of the embalmers of Ancient Egypt and the tomb raiders of the 1800’s run parallel in this novel. Nebamun and Iramen are preparing the funerals of the people of Egypt. Abdul and Karim are trying to make a living by selling off ancient artifacts.

Story Telling: We have a different kind of historical-fiction novel here. At least it’s different for me, as I don’t usually read this genre. Every chapter changes from the point-of-view of the previous chapter. If we were in Ancient Egypt in one chapter, the next chapter we would be in the mid-1800’s.

Likes: I appreciate the fact that we didn’t jump through time in the middle of the chapters.

Dislikes: The way this story was told was confusing at times. I prefer to spend more than a chapter at a time with a character.

A warning to the squeamish. Some scenes were a bit brutal. We didn’t see the brutality done, true. But the after effects were well described. Too well in my opinion.

Favorites: I don’t really have one this time around. Not a character, not a quote, and definitely not a scene.

Conclusion: This is a novel for those who like historical fiction, particularly those with a fascination for Egypt–both in the ancient past, and the more recent past. You might want to miss it if you are the squeamish type, or young.


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