Michael Connelly’s The Black Box-Harry Bosch 18

Overview: Harry has a chance to solve a case close to his heart. Twenty years ago a Danish reporter, Anneke–known as Anne for the rest of my review–was murdered during the Rodney King Riots. Now the gun used to kill her has been tied to two other murders. Harry is all for solving this case, though the higher-ups aren’t as enthusiastic. You see, Anne was a petite blonde white woman, found murdered in a predominately black neighborhood. There were a lot of black people murdered at the same time. Can the powers-that-be convince Harry that the city doesn’t need a new set of riots? I wouldn’t hold my breath if I was in their place.

Story Telling: Harry Bosch still delivers us a third-person police procedural. This time around, though, it seems like there’s a showing of the political side of police work.

Likes: Harry shows a strong vibe of fatherly concern when it comes to Maddie. Chu seems to have settled into a nice partnership with Harry as well.

Mendenhall was lined up with the honest reason that IAD was created for. No, I don’t care what the new chief wanted to call it, it’s still the IAD.

Dislikes: Hey, Mr. Connelly! For the most part, we read Harry Bosch novels to watch Harry hunt down the jerks who think that they can get away with murder. Or we read to see how his relationships with his family and would-be lovers are going. But, politics are very low on that list. And for this reader, it doesn’t even make the list.

Shawn Stone has serious problems, and that was before he got a name in the series.

Hey, Harry. Here’s a hint. Try not snooping into personalized bags. You trust somebody until he or she proves that trust is overrated (see Stone for an example).

Favorite Character: Bill Holodnak. He played a jazz game with Harry, and he set up one of the best scenes in the book.

Favorite Quote: ““Kid,” Holodnak said. “You’re doing better than most of the cops who come through here.””

Favorite Scene: Harry took Maddie to a specialized gun range. A nice start to a new life in law enforcement.

Conclusion: Once you get past the politics, this is a pretty good novel. Enjoy.


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