Michael Connelly’s The Reversal-Mickey Haller 3, Harry Bosch 16

Overview: Mickey Haller has been given a chance to cross the aisle this time around. Gabriel Williams needs an independent prosecutor to try the case of Jason Jessup. Jessup was convicted of a child’s murder, but that conviction was reversed to a DNA test’s results. Mickey agrees as long as he can choose his second chair and his chief investigator.

Story Telling: Now this is interesting. Mickey Haller, Maggie McPherson, and Harry Bosch on the same side of a court case? Can Jessup’s defense team actually survive this combination? We have Mickey’s first-person legal thriller, literally, crossed with Harry’s third-person police procedural.

Likes: Mickey picked a good prosecutor team. Maggie knows how the prosecution game is played. Harry really is like a dog with a bone, if you need something for the case, he can sniff it out. And Mickey was a perfect prosecutor, he knew how the defense would work. See, a perfect team.

Maddie and Hayley have finally met up. I envision a painful partnership for their parents to deal with.

Dislikes: Gabriel Williams is a pain. Poor Mickey. The DA was trying to use him as the fall guy.

Jason Jessup seemed to have a problem with his station in life. And this was before he went to jail in the first place.

Favorite Character: I have to pick Judge Diane Breitman. She was aiming to be fair. Her allegiance laid with the rule of law. As long as no games are played in her court, she was content to let the case go as smoothly as the opposing counsels would let it.

Favorite Quote: This paints a picture of Mickey’s feelings about his ex. “You have a way of convincing people, Mags. It’s a gift.”

Favorite Scene: I liked it when the Hallers and the Bosches had diner together. It was great.

Conclusion. This was a great story. But, I do think that Gabriel Williams never intended for Mickey to stay as a prosecutor. Also I think that Jessup was revisiting his abduction sites, not his dump sites.


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