Michael Connelly’s Nine Dragons-Harry Bosch 14

Overview: Harry Bosch and Ignacio Ferras have been called to a robbery gone wrong ending in the murder of the proprietor of Fortune Liquor, John Li. His son and wife seem broken up about it. When extortion starts surfacing in regards to the shop, it begins to appear that Mr. Li might have been targeted by one of the Asian gangs known as the triads. Harry is all for investigating the case until he gets a message from his daughter’s phone. Someone thinks that taking Maddie was a good idea. Those poor souls.

Story Telling: Well, it is another Harry Bosch novel. So it is a third person police procedural.

Likes: Harry showed himself to be a great father. He was ready with a pop-quiz to test her knowledge of her studies. He dropped everything to be there for her.

Sun Yee showed how much he cared for both Eleanor and Maddie.

Oh! We get a cameo from “The Lincoln Lawyer” side of the tracks.

Dislikes: Alright, David Chu, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but Harry is a bit territorial when it comes to his cases. Just something you should know if you’re going to work with him.

Eleanor was still acting like the worst thing that can happen is for her daughter to have a relationship with Harry. Their daughter is missing, and her first instinct is to threaten Harry Bosch?

And this was a biggie. In my opinion, the Li family had made the right choice when they moved to the United States. But, both of the parents killed their children’s spirits. Neither Robert nor Mia were given much of a choice when it came to fulfilling their dreams. The Li family moved to the States, but they didn’t accept the basics of American culture.

Favorite Character: When Sun Yee showed that he was willing to redeem himself from his own past, yet he didn’t judge Harry too harshly when Harry made a bad mistake.

Favorite Quote: Harry offers us a pearl of wisdom here. “We can make up for our mistakes here. Both of us.”

Favorite Scene: One of the best parts in this novel is when Harry meets up with the HKPD it was good.

Conclusion: This is a pretty good novel. It has a lot of family in the main plot, with a murderous sub-plot.


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