Michael Connelly’s Echo Park-Harry Bosch 12

Overview: Harry Bosch and Jerry Edgar drew the Marie Gesto case in ‘93. Marie Gesto disappeared when she was heading out to the stables for a ride. The case went cold during that time. Flash forward thirteen years and Harry Bosch gets a call that he has been dreaming about for years. Somebody is willing to confess to killing Miss Gesto, and he’ll take the investigators to the body. While preparing for the confession, Harry runs across some information in the murder book that shakes his faith in his own judgment.

Story Telling: Harry is back with his close third person police procedural

Likes: Harry’s relationship with Marie’s parents is something that I think they both needed. Mr. and Mrs. Gesto needed the face of the man running the investigation, and Harry needed the human angle. The relationship gave Harry a way to stoke the flames of the hunt, and kept the Gestos together.

Rick O’Shea was in a bit of a bind. He wanted to close as many cases as possible for his run for the District Attorney’s office. And yet, he seemed to want the truth to come out, in most cases.

Oh, we met Jason Edgar, Jerry’s cousin. He was a pretty neat guy.

Dislikes: Rachel Walling was back, and she still seems to be a bit of a control freak.

Maury Swan proved himself to be a bit underhanded.

I don’t think that I’ll ever be able to get along with any of Cecil Dobbs’ clients. You never know. He could always surprise me.

And honestly, Freddy Olivas was a good guy, I just didn’t care for his attitude.

Favorite Character: I have to go with both Edgars here. Jerry stuck by Bosch and Jason was willing to do what it take to help out. Both seem to be honorable men, in positions that suit them. Let’s all root for Jerry’s promotion in the Police Department. He is so overdue.

Favorite Quote: Harry has some good comments after a shootout. “They say pain is weakness leaving the body.” Considering the world today, if it’s true, we all out to be getting pretty strong.

Favorite Scene: Kiz might not be my favorite person, but when Harry was so down about her injuries, she was able to cheer him up. It might have cheered her up too.

Conclusion: Harry was able to dodge a bullet with this case. It can confirm the good things about how the law is enforced. Or, if you’re of the more cynical mindset, it will confirm how you see those with money and power. Enjoy the story.


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