Michael Connelly’s The Closers-Harry Bosch 11

Overview: Harry Bosch is back with the LAPD. Being a private investigator was fine, but it’s nothing like being a homicide detective. His first case on the new Open/Unsolved Unit is the case of Rebecca Verloren. She was a sixteen year-old girl who disappeared from home only to be found a few days later dead of a gunshot wound to the chest. The size of the gun throws the theory of suicide into doubt. Now, seventeen years later, there’s a DNA hit on the gun. It’s time to bring closure to this case.

Story Telling: We’re back to a close third person point-of-view that follows Harry around. The fact that it’s a police procedural is pretty much a given.

Likes: Harry and Kiz are partners again. This seems to be where Harry can shine.

Pratt seems to be a go-getter commanding officer. And the chief seems determined to fix the LAPD’s publicity record.

Dislikes: Irving seems to handle everything through the framework of fear. He either tried to inspire it in others, or reacted out of it.

I’m not going to tell you why, but Stoddard was a problem for me from his entrance into the story.

Favorite Character: Ravi and Raj Patel both seemed eager to get to work on the case.

Favorite Quote: Harry was picking on Jerry here. And Jerry lost his pencil. “Jerry, sometimes what goes up doesn’t come down.”

Favorite Scene: There were two here. One is definitely when Harry is at Hollywood Division with Jerry (see above). The other was when we learn exactly how Mackay got his ‘lewd and lash’ conviction. The lesson here: know where the Daddy is.

Conclusion: This was a fun kind of book. Yes, the case was sad. But Harry and Kiz had a way of working the case that made the ride enjoyable. I just wish Jerry had more time. He did deserve better than he got. He and Bosch make a great team.


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