Michael Connelly’s The Narrows-Harry Bosch 10 Terry McCaleb 3

Overview: Harry Bosch has been called in to take on another private investigation. Terry McCaleb has recently passed away. But now, Graciela has come to him with some awful news. Two of Terry’s transplant drugs have been switched with shark cartilage Who could have done such a thing? And could it have anything to do with the crime scene that the Feds are working in the desert?

Story Telling: Once again we are going with a first person point-of-view from Harry this time. But it’s a little bit more complicated. Both Rachel Walling and the Poet have chapters that follow them in a close third person point-of-view.

Likes: Harry has a pretty good relationship with Maddie. She is so cute.

Kiz didn’t seem to be as mad at Harry as she was in the last book.

Terry was good at profiling. Bosch wouldn’t have gotten as far as he did without Terry’s notes. Also, I think Terry was trying not so much as to protect Raymond and Ceilo from the world, but protect them from the monsters. Both children had attributes that victimizers seem to look for.

Dislikes: Eleanor seemed like she felt that there was a competition between her and Harry over Maddie’s affection. That made her act cruelly, in my opinion.

Rachel’s time spent in her hardship posting didn’t mellow her out much. She still treated others like pawns in her game.

Favorite Character: This would be Terry. He did what he could to keep his family out of harm’s way. Even going so far as to take candid shots.

Favorite Quote: I think Terry was cool with Bosch at the end. “But he said at the end of the day, after all the cops and agents he had known and worked with, if he had to pick somebody to work a murder case with, that it would be you. Hands down. He said it would be you because you wouldn’t give up.” As relayed by Graciela McCaleb.

Favorite Scene: When Harry learns of ‘Mr. Demon.’ That innocent comment leads us to Harry’s story about the ‘colored water.’

Conclusion: This is a nice conclusion to ‘The Poet.” Harry has proven that he can handle some of the worst cases. He even can find out the truth at the end. I’m going to miss Terry McCaleb.


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