John Sandford’s Chosen Prey-Lucas Davenport 12

Overview: Lucas Davenport just received the news that the mayor, the person who has appointed him as Deputy Chief, is leaving office. That makes his latest case probably his last. So here’s the deal. A young woman, who disappeared a year ago, has turned up on a hillside. It doesn’t take long for more bodies to show up close by. Turns out that the killer has a thing for strangling blonds. Oh, and Weather is having…urges. Maybe Rose-Marie has a plan to keep them both in a job.

Story Telling: Lucas Davenport novels just have that duet feel. You know the one that goes: bad guy, good guy. Or, perhaps that’s just Mr. Sandford’s personal style.

Likes: Terry Marshall was a guy who needed to see justice done. That cannot be easy to live through.

We get to see some of Kidd’s past. I hope that he has a way to budget his earnings. Six paintings a year leads to many hungry months if you don’t budget properly.

And Helen Qatar was such the lively senior. She has to run the museum, or she would drive the museum curators batty.

Dislikes: This story seemed kind of depressing. There were too many losses for my tastes.

Terry Marshall didn’t deserve his fate. Biblically, he was in the right. He just lost too much.

Barsted was creepy. It was like she wanted to live out all these romance novel premises. There is no reason to be so obsessed with sex. Even women can get porn-creep (preferring sexual fantasy instead of reality).

Favorite Character: It’s Terry Marshall. He worked a long time to find his niece’s murderer.

Favorite Quote: Lucas explains why Kidd is an artist and not a nine-to-fiver. “You were the wrestler. You pushed Sheets’s head through the railings in the field house, and they had to call the fire department to get him out.”

Favorite Scene: The best part was the lobster dinner at Lucas’s place. It could only be better if they had a real bar-b-cue.

Conclusion: This was a bit of a downer. A few of the deaths could have been avoided. If you like flawed protagonists, this is one series you won’t want to miss.


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