Michael Connelly’s Lost Light-Harry Bosch 9

Overview: Harry is looking into an old case of his. Angella Benton was murdered and apparently raped. Her death has haunted Harry for a long time. Now that he is retired, with a private investigator’s license, Harry has all the time in the world to look into her murder. With some help from a few former cops, including one who worked the Benton case, and a few still on the force, as well as a few friends of his, Harry is gunning for Angella Benton’s killer(s). Then he gets tapped to look into the whereabouts of Martha Gessler.

Story Telling: No fair Mr. Connelly. Harry Bosch novels are supposed to be in third person, not first. Oh well, we still get the procedural.

Likes: Harry has a few surprises up his sleeves, even if he is off of the force. He has found a way to continue his mission off the force.

Those who wanted Bosch to stand down on this case should have talked to Irving about that one. It may have saved everyone some time, and a headache.

It was good to see Lindell again, though I wish it was under better circumstances.

Dislikes: FBI agents Peoples and Milton. What can I say, their whole squad was a travesty against the Constitution. The rights that they hadn’t trampled over in their dealings with Harry Bosch would make a shorter list that the rights that they ignored.

And Eleanor is back and she still shows herself to have problems. There are just some things that you don’t leave as a surprise.

Favorite Character: Burnett Biggar was able to parlay his investigative mindset into a major security firm. He helped Harry out a lot, much to the aggravation of the FBI’s anti-terrorism squad.

Favorite Quote: I like Harry’s response to Peoples here. “You can save that speech for the politicians who change the rules for your until there are no rules anymore.”

Favorite Scene: You ought to see Peoples’ face when Harry caught the squad in a compromising situation. It worked out for Harry.

Conclusion: This was different. A little too slow at the beginning for my tastes. Too bad for Danny Cross and Lindell. I almost can’t wait for Harry to be back on the force.


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