Michael Connelly’s City of Bones-Harry Bosch 8

Overview: Harry and Edgar have pulled a different case while waiting for a new partner to take Kizmin Rider’s place on the team. Don’t worry about Kiz, she was promoted. But, this case involves a dog bringing her owner a stick, that turns out to be a bit more macabre. If that stick is a human bone, where’s the rest of the body? Was its owner’s death an accident or murder? And can Harry and Edgar solve the case before Harry’s transfer takes effect?

Story Telling: Ready for another police procedural starring Harry? Yeah, me too.

Likes: Harry was able to work with the whole team. Jerry brings about some good commentary.

It’s nice to see a foster family that got into the position for the best reasons. The Blaylocks shouldn’t blame themselves when something goes wrong with one of their ‘children.’

Dislikes: Irving seemed to have a severe disliking for Bosch again. An easy case doesn’t mean that it’s a good case. A complicated case doesn’t make a slam dunk either.

I’m not so sure what to make of Brasher. She seemed to have the right ideas for being a cop, but she seemed to be an adrenaline junkie.

Also the former Mrs. Delacroix seemed to be a chicken, at least to my mind. Who would really feel endangered from her spouse, yet leaves the children behind?

Favorite Character: This would be the former Dr. Guyot. He may be a retired, but he still was willing to do the right thing by people. If he could tend a wound, he would.

Favorite Quote: Jerry gives us a good view into the thinking of cop who is also a parent. ““Not me, man,” Edgar said. “I just want to go see my kid and hug him until this gets better.””

Favorite Scene: Teresa Corazon has gotten a little too snooty for her own good. Jerry Edgar gets her for it too, on the first day of collecting the bones. Such immature humor, but it was funny.

Conclusion: Harry went through a lot in this book. I like to came through it pretty well. He even took care of Trent’s children.


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