Michael Connelly’s Blood Work-Terry McCaleb 1

Overview: Terry McCaleb has gotten a better-than-lucky break in the last two months. He has gotten a new heart against all odds, mainly because of his rare blood type. Getting a new one was a long-shot. But, during his recovery, he gets a visitor to his boat. Graciela Rivers has a request for Terry to take a look into her sister’s murder. You know that better-than-lucky second-chance at life? Well, it as because of Graciela’s sister’s murder. Was it just a robbery gone wrong? Or could it be something more insidious?

Story Telling: We have another police procedural here. Well, kind of. You see, Terry isn’t a Fed anymore, though he still has the instincts and skills. He kind of reminds me of Bosch.

Likes: Terry has the heart for the profiler work. He was able to get back to the gig without much of a problem.

Bonnie Fox truly cares for her patients. That is something most good doctors have in common.

Now I’m not sure where to put Jaye Winston. Yes, she was willing to accept any help she could get. But, she also was too politically minded for my tastes. What else do you call somebody who is willing to stand beside a friend as long as it is beneficial to the person’s career?

Dislikes: Do all Feds, in these books, get lessons on stomping all over the Constitution and Bill of Rights? Our rights of protection against unwarranted search and seizure is not a suggestion.

I don’t know why Graciela was so shocked by Terry getting a fever during his search. The article from the times left little doubt to the type of investigator Terry was in his old life.

Arrango needs to understand something. Just because somebody looks over your case, it doesn’t mean that he or she has found your investigation wanting.

Favorite Character: I’m going to go with Bonnie Fox. Her worry was over how soon Terry got back into the field. Buddy as always ready to help.

Favorite Quote: My quote comes from Terry’s dad, by way of Terry. “When I left the island. He told me always to watch out for the following sea, even on land.” Just good advice.

Favorite Scene: Terry’s visit to the LAPD’s West Valley Division was fun. Also, his visit to Noone’s office was kind of freaky.

Conclusion: Terry McCaleb was an interesting guy to follow. Enjoy this one when you want the serious detective, with a twist.


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