Brad Taylor’s The Insider Threat-Pike Logan 8

I received this book for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Washington D.C. has gotten word of a terrorist attack that is hoping to use disgruntled Americans as key components. Can Pike Logan’s team figure out who is going to be attacked? Can the attack be stopped? And can the team survive each other as well as the terrorists?

Story Telling: This is another international thriller. This time we spend time with Pike directly from his point-of-view, switching to third-person for a few of the other characters.

Likes: The idea of a team stopping terrorism or other problems sounds like fun.

Dislikes: The thing is: Pike’s team wasn’t a legal team. They had no real oversight. There weren’t any checks and balances. That made this team part of the very threat against the Constitution that the terrorists are.

Favorites: There aren’t any favorites this time around.

Conclusion: This book is better for those who don’t mind visiting several different locales in one story, not to mention the ‘throw-away’ characters (those who are just named and then killed off within a few pages). Enjoy this one if you are a fan of international-thrillers.


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