Michael Connelly’s The Black Ice-Harry Bosch 2

Overview: Harry is on call this Christmas season. Then, he finds out that RHD, his former division, has moved in on a shooting in Hollywood Division’s precinct. Now, that’s not fair. Harry should have been called first. Well, the fact that the scene looks like a cop’s suicide might have something to with who ended up with the call. It’s all good. Harry has plenty of cases to keep him busy. Especially now since he has just inherited another detective’s caseload. If he solves two cases, it might get Pounds off of his back, at least for a little while.

Story Telling: The Bosch novels are police procedurals, and this one is no exception.

Likes: Harry is doing much better after his stint in “The Black Echo.” He just wants to solve the cases he has caught.

Edgar is still looking to make the deal. And Sylvia gave Harry a reason to cling to hope.

Dislikes: Calexico Moore had a lot of reasons to be angry. I think he might have been better towards the wrong person. No relationship can last when it’s built upon a lie.

We spent a lot of time in Mexico. Zorillo controlled too much of the town. This is the consequences when money does your talking for you.

Favorite Character: The only likeable person in this story was Harry. I think that he was just rubbing everyone the wrong way, or maybe it’s the other way around.

Favorite Quote: Irving shows himself to be the man that we get to know later. “The only thing that I fear are people without a conscience. Who act without thinking their actions through. I don’t think your are like that.”

Favorite Scene: The best part for me was when Harry had his conversation with Cal’s aunt.

Conclusion: Reader beware. If you are a member of any of the various humane societies, then you might want to avoid a small section of this novel. It concerns a bullfight. This is a good novel, it’s that I just don’t care much for drug related stories.


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