Michael Connelly’s The Black Echo-Harry Bosch 1

Overview: Harry Bosch is getting used to a new division, and a new partner. His new division is affectionately nicknamed “The Sewer,” and his new partner ha dreams of being real estate royalty. Everything seems to be coming along into a smooth run. Now all Harry has to do is to figure out how to get his new partner to focus more of police work than his sideline job. Then, he gets a call out to a crime scene that brings back some bad memories. And then the Feds get involved….

Story Telling: This is the first book of the Harry Bosch series. So we see the close third person procedural.

Likes: Well, we get to see how Harry met Eleanor. One of the best scenes, though was Harry’s reaction to Jerry’s sideline job.

Dislikes: Irving was a bit of a jerk in this book. He seemed to be a bit paranoid. Yes, he wanted to protect the department, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you fire someone who doesn’t toe the line.

Like I said earlier, Eleanor makes her debut here as well. Her attitude just seems to stink.

Officers Lewis and Clarke were a little too gung-ho about getting Bosch. By the way guys, if you’re following someone, assume that they know.

Favorite Character: Martin B. Avery III wanted to do the right thing by both his clients as well as the police.

Favorite Quote: Bosch is so mean. Especially to Lt. Pounds. “Since the frequency of the fouling had increased with the re-assignment of Bosch from Parker Center to Hollywood division, Ninety-eight Pounds was convinced that Bosch was the major offender. And he was right, but he had never caught Bosch in the act.”

Favorite Scene: Lewis and Clarke are just too funny. It’s during part of their surveillance on Bosch, when they insult a security guard. That was a hard lesson for them to learn.

Conclusion: You can see where Harry’s sense of justice comes from. But let’s face it, he was such a jerk in this book.


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