John Sandford’s Easy Prey-Lucas Davenport 11

Overview: Lucas has been called out to a scene of a high profile murder, higher profile than most in his neck of the woods. A high price model has been murdered at a movers and shakers party–artsy style. Then, they find another body. Now, Lucas and the rest of the police force have to track down a killer, before the rest of the party guests wind up in their eternal rests.

Story Telling: This series seems to be a thrilling mystery. Roll down the window, you’re going for a ride.

Likes: Elle is back, can you say that when you read a prequel? She shows that Lucas’s cases aren’t the only fun thing for her. She enjoys meddling-by-invitation to ensure his future happiness.

Marcy tried to give Lucas advice about his meeting with Catrin.

Dislikes: I’m not so upset about starting this series in the middle anymore. What was Lucas trying to be, a gigolo?

Catrin needs to understand something. It’s not her husband’s fault that she hasn’t accomplished her dreams. For starters, she has to have a dream. And then, she would be the one who succeeded or failed. She reminds me of those who say that they don’t have time to do what they want, but then spends hours on social media sites. Put the blame where it belongs. I just didn’t like her.

Oh! Speaking of putting the blame where it belongs, Ted: video games, the internet, riches, magazines, nor television, is a sin. Things cannot sin. And you have no right to condemn vast swatches of the population, just because you don’t like how they spend their money.

While we’re on the biblical route, Jael, Amnon was Solomon’s half-brother, not his son.

The end of mystery seemed to be a cheat. Perhaps more clues should have been hidden earlier.

Favorite Character: It’s a tie between Marcy and Elle. They both gave Lucas the best they had.

Favorite Quote: I just love how some people react when they aren’t supposed to be cursing. “…sorry darlin’–I’m eating breakfast with my granddaughter.” Randall Towson

Favorite Scene: The best part was when Lucas realized that Weather was wearing a gift he had given her.

Conclusion: I don’t think that I’ll go any earlier in this series. I prefer the older more mature Lucas Davenport.


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