Ron Spence’s The Amazing Faith of Texas-Common Ground on Higher Ground

Overview: Mr. Spence believes that Texas is a beautiful place. Considering that he is part of the team that coined two of our more famous phrases, this shouldn’t be that big of a surprise. Let’s follow him on his journey to check out the signs of faith in Texas.

Story Telling: This seems to be a coffee table book. It’s complete with short articles and vibrant pictures.

Likes: Jeez. Leave it to us to find all of these easier ways to add another church or other building of faith. Oh? The only building around is an old convenience store? That’ll work.

Also, many of the Texans here seemed to live out the sermons Jesus gave concerning the people interactions angle of faith.

Dislikes: It’s more of a source of confusion really. How can two people claim to worship the same God, when their respective holy books seem to contradict each other?

Favorite Story: There were three stories here that shows some of the greatness people can achieve. Reva’s, Bonnie’s, Judy and Jerry’s stories were amazing.

Favorite Quote: You can call it ego if you want to, I call it perfect. “We Texans never give up. Neither does God. Could it be that God is a Texan?”

Conclusion: This is a good book for those who are fond of Texas, or those who like the architecture of the churches.


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