Steven F. Freeman’s The Evolution of Evil-The Blackwell Files 6

I received this book courtesy of Mr. Freeman for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Dr. Jan Summit, wife of Senator Jackson, has disappeared off of the face of the earth. She was last seen in the Galapagos Islands doing research for a cure to Alzheimer’s Disease. Now NSA agent Vega needs an expert cryptologist to decrypt Dr. Summit’s files in hopes of finding out why someone might take her captive. Who does he know that fits that description? I hope Alton and Mallory are ready for a trip near the equator.

Story Telling: This is more of a whodunnit than some to the last installments of the Blackwell Files. Also, murder isn’t center stage on this one.

Likes: The idea of Alton and Mallory working with a team was a good one. Let’s face it, as good as they are at solving mysteries alone, they would be investigated pretty fast if they kept stumbling into murder investigation.

Dislikes: It may just be all of the focus on Dr. Summit’s work and how that would effect the pharmaceutical companies, but this book didn’t seem to flow like the others in this series.

Mr. Shoemaker is an idiot. I don’t think he realizes how his anger at his father makes him easy to control. Let’s face it, most of his problems can be summed up by: Daddy got remarried. By the way, can we convince him to forgo all medication? You know, for the good of the planet.

Favorite Character: Oh. It’s the Gooch. There’s nothing like a good old boy, when you need help in a search and rescue mission. I’d bet he’s southern.

Favorite Quote: The Gooch, when the team notices the gunk on the door. “I was three-time tri-state angling champion before my stint in the Marines. I know my bass from my trout. And I’m telling you I don’t think that’s a fresh-water fish.” See, southern, and he hunts too.

Favorite Scene: I liked it when The Gooch lead the tracking team after the would be intruders.

Conclusion: This one may have started out slow, but we sped up at the end. Maybe some of the suspects in the next book won’t have as much ‘dirty laundry’ in the big reveal.


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