Michael Connelly’s The Brass Verdict-Harry Bosch 14, Mickey Haller 2

Overview: Mickey Haller is considering a return to the defense attorney circles, when he gets a call. A friend–sort of–of his, Jerry Vincent, has been murdered. Now Mickey has inherited, including the case of a studio executive accused of murdering his wife and her lover. Is Mickey ready to try such a high-profile case? And can he work with the head detective investigating Jerry’s murder? Maybe someone ought to warn Mickey about Harry’s…investigative techniques?

Story Telling: This is a bridge book, so to speak between two of Mr. Connelly’s series. So it counts as a book in both of them. This one is written in Mickey’s first-person style, though Harry plays an important role during it.

Likes: This was cool. Mickey meet Harry. Hello? Mickey, if a detective knows who you are: either you’re a jerk of an attorney, or there may be something more behind his knowledge.

Cisco (I’m not trying to either say or write his name) and Lorna were ready to get back in the saddle.

Patrick showed that he truly regretted his actions. Mickey gave him the biggest chance that Patrick had in a while.

Dislikes: Walter Elliot had an attitude that rubbed me the wrong way. He seemed to think that his money would give him the outcome that he wanted.

Roger Vogler is a bit of a brat. He hid the truth about the diamonds to save face with his wife.

Favorite Character: Maggie was pretty good here. She wanted Hayley to have a good relationship with her dad.

Favorite Quote: The way that Cisco tried to protect Mickey gives us this quote. On stashing his gun in Mickey’s desk: “I’m not giving it to you. I’m just storing it here because I’m done working for the day. I’ll get it in the morning, okay?”

Favorite Scene: There were a few this time around. First, there was Angel’s nursery rhyme for Mickey. The second was when Maggie took Hayley to see her dad at work. And the third was Harry’s and Mickey’s last meeting.

Conclusion: This was a pretty good read. You almost know that Harry, shall we say, incentivized Mickey’s protection detail to do a real good job.


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