Michael Connelly’s Angel Flight-Harry Bosch 6

Overview: Harry gets an early call out to a crime scene. Too bad he hasn’t gotten any sleep, because this one is going to get ugly. The victim is a lawyer–Howard Elias–one who has made his name fanning the flames of racial tension. Somebody has evidently had it out fro this guy. Harry, and his team, seem to be the closest team that hasn’t had a run-in with Elias. Did I mention that Harry has to work with Chastain? This ought to be good.

Story Telling: I would say that it’s a Bosch novel, but that would be rude. So let’s go with a close third-person police procedural.

Likes: Harry takes some interesting paths in his pursuit of due diligence. I think that it was his disdain for politics that got him the case.

Kiz and Edgar brought their strengths to play here. She had her computer skills, and he has a way with people.

The IAD team, that Harry’s team was working with, did seem to want to work at solving the case.

Dislikes: This is pretty spooky, in the light of the news of these days. Howard Elias never met a cop that he would not yank through the mud. He seemed to be fanning the flames of hatred and distrust. The so-called non-fatal strategies, that some people want to limit the police to, aren’t as non-fatal as they may appear on the surface. Even hand-to-hand combat can kill a man. Just trying to restrain someone can have unfortunate side-effects. But, I digress. Doesn’t it matter to anyone that Elias’s clients actually broke the law in most cases? Even though most of his clients didn’t have a leg to stand on, it didn’t stop Elias from pulling in thousands in legal fees for winning.

Eleanor Wish just got on my bad side here. She didn’t do Harry right. You don’t do your spouse that way. Heck, you don’t up on a marriage in the first year.

Favorite Character: It is Kate Kincaid this time around. Say what you will about her blindness, true justice–some might even call it Biblical–was done in the end.

Favorite Quote: As much as I think Eleanor’s attitude stunk, she did have some words of wisdom. “We’re all junkies. It’s just different drugs.”

Favorite Scene: Two words: Mistress Regina. Three if you ant to add ‘lair.’

Conclusion: This is another good Bosch novel. Too bad reality is imitating it.


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