Michael Connelly’s Trunk Music-Harry Bosch 5

Overview: Harry is finally back on Homicide. His first case back in a doozy. It starts off with a parked car, that just so happens to have a surprise in the trunk. This leaves Harry and his partners a case with few leads, and fewer opening suspects. After all, the one who found the body isn’t going to be considered a suspect. Having a badge tends to help out on that front. So, who killed Tony Aliso? And does it have anything to do whit his trips to Vegas.

Story Telling: What can I say? It’s a Harry Bosch novel: a third person police procedural.

Likes: Harry shows how much he cares about his team. Oh, sure Harry convinced them to continue a case that was picked up by the Feds. But, he was willing to take the fall if anything went wrong.

Roy Lindell wasn’t that bad of a guy once you get to know him.

And Irving still seems to be watching out for Harry.

Grace was willing to admit when she needed the Homicide detectives to do their jobs. Let’s face it, sometimes those in the managerial positions don’t always have the skills needed to do their departments’ jobs.

Dislikes: Fitzgerald had a problem with his power trip. Nobody needs to know all that he did about every other cop.

The Federal joint operation was headed by those with major tunnel vision. Yes, Joey Marks was a bad person with some bad habits. But trying to put him away doesn’t require you to point the finger at the head detective in a murder case just because of his affiliations. Saying that all LAPD officers are crooks, makes you a jerk, and can blind you to the truth at times. It may just be me, but I still have hope that the majority of the police officers joined because they wanted to help.

Favorite Character: As you know, picking the series character is cheating. This time it’s Grace Billets.

Favorite Quote: When Irving found out about Eleanor, he gave Harry a pure gem of wisdom. “Then take my advice and do the right thing, son. You know what that is. That’s all I’m going to say on that.”

Favorite Scene: The time Harry and Edgar got suckered by their prisoner ought to teach any peace officer a lesson about trusting a suspect. Their solution was pretty good.

Harry handled his argument with IAD pretty well, too.

Conclusion: This was a fun story. Heck of a way for Harry to get back in the saddle so to speak. Harry Bosch has made my library.


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