Jefferson Bass’s The Breaking Point-A Body Farm Novel 9

I received this book for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Bill Brockton is being called in on a rather high profile case. A big-shot pilot, specializing in relief drops in times of need–disasters, that kind of thing–has lost his plane, and maybe something a bit more valuable. And if that’s not enough his beloved project, the Body Farm, is under attack for the way Dr. Brockton gets the bodies for his research. His wife seems to be preoccupied with something. Then he gets news from his nemesis Satterfield. How will he get out of this downward spiral? Getting back to work just might help.

Story Telling: Okay, I like mysteries, thrillers, and other styles of crime novel. I’ve read the amateur detective, and the professional ones of both private and law enforcement stripes. This is my first “consultant” book. (Medical examiners do not count as consultants. They’re law enforcement.) This is a first person novel.

Likes: Dr. Bill was a fun guy until he started talking about his creepy-crawlies. I get that death isn’t pretty, and some things are better left unsaid; he seemed to understand this fact.

Captain Decker is a pretty good man. He wanted to keep his friends safe.

Red? I’m not sure what to make of her. She did offer a lot of help though.

Dislikes: I get why Kathleen did what she did. There are just some decisions that you don’t make alone when you’re married.

The nemesis of all crime books was here in full force. Perhaps our darling media ought to be more focused on the facts than their ratings. Shocking idea, isn’t it?

I agree with Dr. Bill. Where are all of the families of our vets when they are dying alone? If you aren’t going to claim the body, then shut up.

Don’t get me wrong. Jeff and Jenny were trying to help, but they were just a tad bit insensitive. Losing a spouse is like being cut in half.

Favorite Character: Now this is a toss up between Captain Decker and Skidder. Decker had honor with plenty to spare. And Skidder was a fun pilot.

Favorite Quote: Dr. Brockton sums Skidder up well for us. ““Skidder,” I said, “how come every time you try to reassure me, it scares the crap out of me?””

Favorite Scene: Oh, you got to catch the part when the crash team moves the nose of the plane. You’ll be left with a mixture of pity and fascination.

Conclusion: Dr. Bill is a pretty neat investigator. This one is going on my shelves. I hope you don’t mind bad puns as they’re Dr. Bill’s favorites.


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