Michael Connelly’s The Last Coyote–Harry Bosch 4

Overview: Harry has gotten himself in quite a pickle. He had a fight with his commanding officer, and it didn’t end too well for either one of them. Lt. Pounds has to have a window replaced, and Harry has to go on ISL–Involuntary Stress Leave. Well, this will be boring. Sure he could fix the house that’s supposed to be torn down. He could confide into the police shrink assigned to his case. But, where’s the fun in that? It’s time that he looks into an old murder anyway. It’s a ‘61 murder of a prostitute, his mother. How many toes will Harry stomp on this time around?

Story Telling: We still have a rather close third person police procedural here. I thought that police procedurals were supposed to be worked by active members of the force.

Likes: We get to see how Harry’s motto came into being. It did appear like Marjorie Lowe’s life didn’t count to those in charge of her investigation. That’s not a good attitude to have.

Conklin was in a bad position. He made the best of it though.

Assistant Chief Irving was someone I was prepared to dislike after “The Drop,” but he wasn’t so bad. Politics are involved in every business, especially the higher you go on the corporate ladder. It’s not an easy road to tread, and it’s not the position that I want.

Dislikes: Harry, how do I say this, doesn’t have a very upstanding character. In fact, at times, he was a jerk.

Carmen Hinojos seemed to want to diagnose Harry more than she listened to him. Why not just offer the man a beer and let him vent. You could learn a lot that way. Sure you probably wouldn’t make it in any of the A.P.A.’s literature.

Lt. Pounds didn’t deserve that. Sure, he was a bureaucrat, but the last I checked, that isn’t a crime, much less one deserving a death sentence.

Favorite Character: Jake McKittrick had a good heart. I wish his hands hadn’t been tied.

Favorite Quote: Brockman and Harry both owe Irving here. ““There will be no charges on this,” Irving finally continued. “Lieutenant, you baited him, and got what you got.””

Favorite Scene: Both Harry’s talks with McKittrick, and Conklin were great to read.

Conclusion: This was a pretty good story for Irving’s growth. Harry really appeared to be struggling with right and wrong. Maybe he finds his path sooner rather than later.


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