Keith Steinbaum’s The Poe Consequence

I received this book courtesy of Mr. Steinbaum for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Warren Palmer, professor and a fan of Edgar Allen Poe, just wanted to get something for a headache and then take his son home. Was that too much to ask? Obviously it was to the two gangs that decided to have a showdown there that night. Warren did what he had to do to save Seth. Now, the two gangs are finding that their members are dying off after killing someone. Who’s doing it? And how is this individual freezing the hearts? The answers may surprise you.

Story Telling: Mr. Steinbaum has given us a different kind of ghost story. One where the works of Mr. Poe features prominently. Be warned however, there is Spanish sprinkled through the sections devoted to the gang members’ points-of-view. There is no translation. Thankfully, there isn’t so much that it’ll cause you to lose the story.

Likes: The idea of redemption played a major role through this novel. We have Alex, Kevin, Seth, and Warren, and they all have their stories.

Carl Atkinson really seemed to want the best for his beat. Even if those who made up his beat saw him as the enemy.

Madame Sibilia made a pretty big sacrifice for those she didn’t even know.

Dislikes: Really, I couldn’t feel sorry for the gang members. They made their choices. I hate to say it, but they wanted to take from someone rather than work for it.

Everyone seemed to want to keep secrets, yet condemned others for it. Some of them weren’t even fair. I mean here’s Kevin, after losing his twin brother to gang violence, now hiding his girlfriend’s gang member brother, and his girlfriend is surprised that he might lean on his crutch of alcohol? Where’s her sympathy? Wasn’t she hiding something as well?

Favorite Character: Carl Atkinson is the best guy here.

Favorite Quote: Atkinson gives us one this time, from a cop to a gang-banger. “No, I won’t argue with that at all. In fact, I’ll add to it. There’s lots of us that hate you. We hate what you stand for, the fear you bring to the good citizens of our community. The heartbreak you bring to so many families, including your own.”

Favorite Scene: The part when Kevin finds Warren’s golden Dodgers baseball was pretty sweet, I like how he handled it. Alex’s and Seth’s bonding time was pretty good too.

Conclusion: This was a pretty good thriller/ghost story that made my library. Mr. Steinbaum picked the right author to creep the gang members out. Enjoy this one, though you might be sleeping with the lights on due to the heebie-jeebies.


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