Michael Mullin’s Simon

I received this book courtesy of Mr. Mullin for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Simon is back in his hometown for some paperwork that his mother and step-father need him to sign. Why the rush? After all his Dad has only been gone for four months. Imagine Simon’s shock when his Dad’s ghost shows up wanting revenge for his murder. What is Simon to do?

Story Telling: Welcome to the 21st century’s production of Hamlet. This has been modernized for the newest generations and we’ve lost the play format of the original.

Likes: Richard showed his acceptance for Simon’s dreams in the best way possible. He supported the dream as long as Simon worked toward it.

Dislikes: I’ll be honest. The only play of Mr. Shakespeare’s that I’ve read is “Romeo and Juliet” and I did not like his style. So I have avoided much of his work. There’s enough of his darkness in this book to identify the source material.

But my biggest problem was the chronology. I prefer a rather straight-forward story, but this one seemed to shift from the future to the present to the recent past. We even hit the far past. Simon’s short film was sprinkled through the novel as well. At times it was confusing.

Favorite Character: Richard. He was the best person around. Too bad he was already dead.

Favorite Quote: No such luck this time around guys.

Favorite Scene: I enjoyed reading about how Alex got started as a videographer.

Conclusion: This was an interesting read. I strongly believe that it was my tastes that made this book fall flat. There are plenty of people that will enjoy this one.


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