Dean Koontz’s Night Chills

Overview: Paul Annendale has been taking Rya and Mark out camping in the forest surrounding Black River, Maine since his son was two. The past few years have been both more important and difficult. But not even Annie’s death can prepare Paul or his children for this year’s excursion.

Story Telling: This novel is structured more like “Innocence” was. The chronology is a bit mixed until the last half of the book.

Likes: Sam’s search for the truth about how Hitler gained control over the nation was something to be admired.

Paul took what time he would to spend with his children. It showed his devotion.

Dislikes: Mark’s fate threw me here. This isn’t Mr. Koontz’s MO. Also there seems to be an over emphasis on sex in this novel. It’s a bit of a shock, if you come to this book after some of his newer works.

Salsbury, Dawson, and Klinger had serious problems. They sought to have more control than was good for them.

Favorite Character: It’s Sam. His moral character and strength of will made him someone you would want watching your back.

Favorite Quote: Sam’s reasoning is pretty spot on here. “Does what happened to him when he was eleven justify what he did to Mark? If Salsbury wins, if he takes control over everyone, does it matter what happened to him when he was eleven?”

Favorite Scene: The time the Annendales and Edisons spend in Sam’s library after they found Mark was pretty good.

Conclusion: While I understand why “Night Chills” took the path it did, this is one of my least favorite Dean Koontz novels. It’s still good because it is one of Dean Koontz’s.


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