Cassi Eubank’s Diary of an Ugly Sweater

I received this book courtesy of Mrs. Eubank for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Sophie, of the ‘Tree With Pom Balls’ family, is looking forward to finding her forever person. Her best friend is her diary. But, let’s not tell her that she is categorized as an ugly sweater. Let’s see how she handles a Christmas season filled with shoppers, parties, and an upcycler.

Story Telling: This is a very naughty feeling read. Come on, we’re reading her diary. Do sweaters actually have diaries? Cause if not, then I’m pretty sure this is okay.

Likes: This is clever way to attract children to the joys of keeping a journal.

Katie had a good sense of creativity, though even I think she might have overdone it a bit. Her time spent with her niece was kind of cute.

Dislikes: Oh my! Sophie is a yankee! The horror of it all. It actually explains a lot.

Some of the encouragements bordered on being preachy. Yes, people need to be encouraged, but sometimes you need a regular hammer instead of a sledgehammer.

One last thing, suicide may come because you are focused on the sad things in life. However, it’s been my experience that usually happens when the world gets to be too much.

Favorite Character: It has to be Santa Steve. He seems to have a pretty good attitude, and he was always trying to get Sophie to think before she acted.

Favorite Quote: Here’s something to keep in mind. “…I realize I have much I don’t know…and I love studying and analyzing how people behave. I find our differences fascinating!”

Favorite Scene: The scenes leading up to the photo shoot were pretty funny.

Conclusion: This was a cute story. I’d read it to my children, and then encourage them to write in their own journal. I, personally, might pick the days based on the child’s understanding, however.


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