John Sandford’s Broken Prey-Lucas Davenport 16

Overview: Lucas has the whole house to himself. Weather is over in England for some medical thing, and she took the children with her. Now Sloan has a case that he needs help on. A woman has been found murdered and staged. There doesn’t seem to be much to investigate, until another body shows up. Problem. The newest victim is male, though he still has the tale-tell signs of being killed by the same killer. There’s at least one piece of luck. A sexual predator has disappeared a month prior.

Story Telling: When I said that I needed to start the Lucas Davenport series a bit earlier, I didn’t mean by one book. This isn’t a police procedural, more thriller and less procedure, but it can make for a fun ride.

Likes: Lucas and Sloan have such the interesting partnership dynamics. They didn’t seem to need much in the way concession in order to work well together. The benefits of friendship.

Lucas’s ultimate rock list brought about some fun arguments, and many who enjoy rock ‘n roll ought to appreciate the full list in the appendix.

Poor Ruffe! What is going through a parent’s mind to name a child “Red-head.”

Elle was good at reading the criminal mind. It makes you wonder where she would be if she hadn’t joined the convent.

Dislikes: Here’s the thing. The killer is a sexual sadist (thank you ‘Criminal Minds’). The crime scenes are not pretty, but the crimes themselves didn’t have to be so graphically described. This is not a good thing for those with weak stomachs.

Also, the language isn’t something you want to be reading out loud. What if your Momma walked in the room, or, even worse, your Daddy? (Mine likes action, so there.)

Favorite Character: This would be Elle. Sure she got attacked in an earlier book, but she still likes the puzzles.

Favorite Quote: There’s a guy here, Mihovil, and I love what he had to say to the ‘anti-colonialist’ American. (Personally, I’d go with un-American). “He said, “I think what you said is bullshit. No, wait–it’s worse than that. We talk about the black people in Uganda and the brown people in New Guinea, and you say that we push our cultural artifacts upon them…You mean, medicine? You mean, TV? You mean, cars? Those people are just as smart as we are.””

Favorite Scene: I had two that made the cut. The first one is the whole rant Mihovil gave to the anti-colonialist. Be sure to read it all.

The second is when Lucas is just about to use some rather vulgar language and then remembers that there’s a nun in the room. It was a nice save.

Conclusion: This book was almost too violent for me. Read it to see why Sloan chose to be a bartender. And remember, this one can be a bit rough.


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