Tamir Turgal’s The Smokefree Way

I received this book courtesy of Mr. Turgal for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Disclaimer: While there are smokers in my family, I am not one of them.

Overview: Mr. Turgal has managed to pull off an amazing thing. He has broken his addiction to nicotine. Now he wants to help other smokers to do the same.

Story Telling: This is a situational self-help book. Pretty much, it is designed to help smokers, no-one else.

Likes: If you think that you can help someone, then you should at least try.

Dislikes: Aside from all of the redundant sentences, which might have just been there for the purpose of getting the ideas to sink into the mind, I had a few problems with this book.

For starters: we spent a whole lot of time with the physiological and mental effects that addiction presumably results in, that it seemed like the audience wasn’t supposed to be able to understand that they had a major problem. I’m sorry, but anytime that I’ve noticed that either myself or anyone else has admitted to having a problem, then the person in question will sooner or later be able to admit that the problem is bigger than he or she is. Pointing out how we get addicted can result in people feeling as if they are being talked down to, and that never helps.

Then we get to the confidence issues of smokers. I’ve grown up around them. Never have I seen any smoker in my family feel as if the cigarette gave them any power. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. They say that the cigarettes don’t have any power except what is given them. This isn’t a confidence issue.

I also take issue with the book’s premise that non-smokers have a natural serenity of the mind about them. Allow me to inform you, my non-smoking mind is pretty chaotic half of the time. Serenity is something you get from your relationship with your God, or however you find your peace. It’s something that has to come in time, not that you’re born with. Smoking may give you another need, but sometimes cravings have a basis in needs that you may not quite be aware of. Just like thirst may let you know that you need water, sometimes the things we crave have a particular ingredient that helps. Much like how the anti-oxidants can be found in things that seem like they would be bad for you. Like chocolate and wine.

Personally, I’ve found that the non-smoker has a nasty habit of holier-than-thou-syndrome. They are always trying to make people act like they wish. Yes, in the old days, smokers had free reign around the world, but they never told the non-smoker that they had to isolate themselves. That has only happened in one direction, to my knowledge.

Favorites: I don’t have a quote or story this time around. Such is the way with the self-help books. You either find one or not.

Conclusion: This book is not for every smoker. In my opinion, the foundation is a bit wobbly. This makes what is built on it prone to disaster. Just remember one thing, if we were to take everything that people use just to get through the day, the smoker might be forced to lose their unpopular crutch, but the non-smoker might be surprised at what they would have to let go of. I hope you are able to quit if that’s what you wish to do.


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