Michael Connelly’s The Drop-Harry Bosch 17

Overview: Harry Bosch has just gotten the news about his DROP. He has only thirty-nine months until he has to retire from the job. On top of that, Harry and his partner have been given a new case that has turned up with some inexplicable evidence.

Of course it doesn’t take much to derail the plans to bring the killer from a twenty-plush year crime to justice. You see, a councilman’s son is found dead in the parking lot of a hotel. Did he jump, fall, or was it murder? And why has Irvin Irving, the councilman, insisted on his nemesis to take the job? Especially when Harry works in OU, the LAPD’s branch of cold cases.

Story Telling: Mr. Connelly has kept with Harry’s point-of-view here. And, of course we still have the police procedural.

Likes: Harry’s relationship with Maddie was terrific. She says that she wants to be a cop, and Harry shares his knowledge.

Harry also has the right idea. If you believe that one life matters in the course of your job, then you ought to treat all of the victims, that your fighting for, the same. Yes, that means, even if you believe that someone deserves death then you wait until the law decides his or her fate, and not take the law into your own hands.

There is a tie-in to Mr. Connelly’s “The Lincoln Lawyer” series too, look for it.

David Chu proved himself to be a good partner at the end.

Dislikes: Emily, a reporter at the L.A. Times, also known as Go-Go, needs to re-evaluate her life. Success shouldn’t be measured by the size of your following, the amount of money that you make, or how fast you can get a scoop. True success, in my opinion, is measured by your convictions, strength of character, as well as the time and effort to get it right. In my opinion, she took the easy way out.

Irving has nobody to blame for how his son’s investigation turned out but himself. You can’t withhold evidence then be surprised when the chief investigator misses the mark. Besides, if Irving wasn’t always out for revenge over losing the position of Chief of Police, a lot of this wouldn’t have happened.

And Hannah Stone bothered me. I get her theory about sexual predators that they too were victims, but it seemed to clash with reality. Some are, but does their pain have more value than those who have suffered from their actions?

Favorite Character: I just like Harry’s attitude and his devotion to justice.

Favorite Quote: Our quote comes pretty close to the end of the book this time around. “But if you have to become him to get rid of him, what’s the difference?”

Favorite Scene: How about some bonding time? Harry took Maddie out to compete in the Catalina Shooting Competition.

Conclusion: This was a fun book. We got a little more back story on Harry, and it was more entertaining that ‘The Overlook.’


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