Carlene Thompson’s Don’t Close Your Eyes

Overview: Natalie St. John’s homecoming has turned into a nightmare. One of her close friends, Tamara Hunt, has been murdered outside of her home. Why would such a honorable woman be chosen? And what’s the meaning of that note found by her body? It’s not long before more bodies start turning up with similar messages being found at the crime scenes. Between these crimes and the taunting calls that Natalie is receiving the only question is: can the sheriff and Natalie solve the crimes, before Natalie ends up as another name on the killer’s list?

Story Telling: Wow. Somehow I figured that mysteries were supposed to be limited on the amount of bodies that were to be found. There may be suspense here, but this is no thriller, it is a mystery.

Likes: Ted Hysell may talk a lot, but he is a good officer. He was one of the old order with the heart that wanted to protect his town.

Andrew had a pretty good attitude, despite the fact that his wife had left him years ago. It’s hard to do the right thing alone.

Paige and Jimmy brought an air of much needed light-heartedness to a brutal story.

Dislikes: Warren was a cheat. He only married Tamara for her inheritance.

Eugene Farley had a problem with his ego.

Oliver Peyton, needed to remember that major debts do come with the loss of a loved one, but bribery stains the soul.

Favorite Character: To be honest, the best character in the book was Tamara Hunt. She was a sweet woman and would have made an excellent mother.

Favorite Quote: Natalie got the killer good with this one. “You twist the words of the Bible to mean whatever suits you.”

Favorite Scene: Oh. You have to catch Paige’s first outing with Jimmy. That was a comical one.

Conclusion: This was a pretty good story. It was fast paced. And while I had an idea of who the killer was, that did not ruin my enjoyment. Grab this one and enjoy it.


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