Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child’s Gideon’s Sword-Gideon Crew 1

Overview: Gideon Crew is a man having both the best and worst year of his life. The best part? He has finally brought down the man who framed Melvin Crew as a Russian spy. The worst part? He just found out that he has, maybe a year to live. There’s nothing like a job with a game of cat-and-mouse to take your mind off of your mortality, right? See, a Chinese scientist has smuggled something innovative into the United States. Gideon’s job is to find it. Let’s just hope the cat doesn’t catch the mouse.

Story Telling: This is more of an old-fashion adventure novel. Gideon seems to live in the Pendergast universe.

Likes: Eli Glinn is back. (Now you see why I say that Gideon is in Pendergast’s universe.) And EES is working the same as always.

Gideon seems to be able to sell anyone a bill of goods.

And Dajkovic was a honorable man.

Dislikes: Mindy was somebody that I could never really trust.

Nodding Crane didn’t honor his mother very well.

I’m not sure of what to make of the Falun Gong adherents. They seemed a bit off, claiming to be working for freedom, yet utilizing many hacker tricks.

Favorite Character: I’m going to go with Eli. Yes, you can trust Gideon to do the right thing in the long run. But, while Eli may not tell you everything, he will not lie to you.

Favorite Quote: Gideon has a good come-back here. “What’s wrong with patriotism–especially when it pays?”

Favorite Scene: Oh boy. Any time that Gideon was trying to get to see Mark Wu was funny.

Conclusion: Gideon was a fun guy to follow. I wonder what will happen to him next.


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