Lis Wiehl & April Henry’s Hand of Fate-A Triple Threat Novel 2

Overview: Shock-jock Jim Fate has made a lot of enemies over the years. His talk show is the reason. The Hand of Fate is how he makes his opinions known. He is also antagonistic. But none of this should be a death sentence, though. It’s up to the Triple Threat Club to find out who took Fate out of The Hand of Fate.

Story Telling: This is a different kind of Christian Fiction that I’ve ever run across. I think that it’s Allison’s prayers that had it labeled as such. It’s also a murder mystery.

Likes: For the Christian Fiction aspect, we weren’t treated to a thinly veiled sermon designed to bring us to Jesus. If I’m going to read a preachy book, it’ll be a honest one, and probably non-fictional.

Dislikes: This didn’t seem to be a very mysterious mystery. Parts of it just plodded along. Nor was I able to find many clues as to how committed the murder.

Nic’s attitude about both God and men, while believable, seemed to be over-emphasized, in my opinion.

For somebody who’s supposed to be a crime reporter, Cassidy made several stupid judgment calls.

Favorite Character: This would be Bernice and Lloyd Hedges. They didn’t kick Nic out when they learned of her pre-marital pregnancy. Not only that, but they pulled up the slack when Nic needed help.

Favorite Quote: Sorry guys. I couldn’t find one this time around.

Favorite Scene: I liked the Hedges’ family meal scene.

Conclusion: This book seems like it would have made a better short story. But, if you like chick-lit, then you might enjoy this one.


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