Steve Martini’s The Jury-Paul Madriani 6

Overview: There’s been a horrible crime in San Diego. Kalista Jordan, a molecular electronics specialist, has been murdered in a rather brutal way. I mean, what else can you call strangulation that almost cuts through the jugular? Paul Madriani is defending the accused, one Dr. David Crone, who seems to be a better witness for the prosecution than a defendant. Can Madriani save his client’s life, and find the true killer? Or will David Crone be sacrificed for the prosecutor’s promotion?

Story Telling: This is one of the earlier Madriani stories (Sarah is twelve), so this one spends more time in the courtroom.

Likes: Paul put his profession where his heart is. A daughter of one of his friend’s has a devastating illness, and Paul does what he can to get her involved with a study, to see if anything can be done for her siblings.

Harry has a few good traits here as well. He makes friends easy, and uses trivia that can help with many situations.

Dislikes: I hated Kalista’s attitude. It was as if she was trying to ruin a man’s reputation based on some of her mother’s ‘war stories.’

And Dr. Crone isn’t someone that I can agree with at anytime. His problems came from his racial studies. Why is it that those calling the loudest for diversity, wants to make everyone the same?

Oh, and when you’re prosecuting someone, maybe politics or promotions should be the last things on your mind.

Then there was quite a bit technical. That’s not too much fun for me.

Favorite Character: Paul makes it this time. Harry was dancing on the edge of the dark side.

Favorite Quote: Paul apologized for this one, but I don’t think he meant it. ““Maybe we should license them like firearms,” I say.”

Favorite Scene: You will need a bowl of popcorn when the judge finds out about the undercover cop talking to Dr. Crone. I don’t feel sorry for the prosecution.

Conclusion: This was a pretty good story. If you enjoy techno-thrillers or legal thrillers, then you should enjoy this one.


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