Dean Koontz’s Life Expectancy

Overview: Jimmy Tock’s life has been framed by a series of prophecies that his grandfather, Josef Tock, has made. Five days are in Jimmy’s future; five days of terrible consequences. Now the first of the five days is just around the corner. Can Jimmy have a more comfortable day due to Grandpa’s warnings? One thing is for sure, he still has four terrible days left, so survival isn’t going to be a problem.

Story Telling: Mr. Koontz mostly focuses on the five terrible days in Jimmy’s life. But no dog this time around. I think Grandma Rowena would scare the poor thing off.

Likes: The fact that a prophecy was made didn’t mean that the days were set in stone. Bad things happened, but the Tock family held itself together well.

Rowena was definitely one to play the mind games. I don’t want to live with her fairy tales, though.

Charlene made a very difficult choice. I’m not so sure I could have pulled it off.

Dislikes: Konrad Beezo did make the right choice when he tried to help Natalie. But, his problem was that he could only see the Beezo consisting of clowns. That is usually a dangerous style of thinking.

Virgilio Vivacemente was evil. There is no two ways about it. Anyone who sees family members, especially children, as commodities to sell, buy, or trade, has missed the boat in this life.

Favorite Character: Rowena and Charlene were so cool. They really made the book for me.

Favorite Quote: Remember this one, and you can’t go wrong. ““Answering evil with evil just means everyone loses,” Lorrie said.”

Favorite Scene: We have two. The first is witnessing Lorrie being rolled into the delivery room, shouting the names of beautiful things as if they were curses.

The second is when Jimmy and Lorrie are on their way to meet with Virgilio and their parents, with some of the neighbors all come together to watch the children and play a “spirited” game of bridge, complete with baseball bats.

Conclusion: It’s another great book from Mr. Koontz. I personally agree wit his answer to what matters most to a child’s development: nature or nurture? I hope you find this one just as fascinating.


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