Marci & Elle Fair’s The Amazing Adventures of Ellie the Elephant-Ellie Makes a New Friend.

I received this book courtesy of Ms. Fair and Miss Fair for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Ellie the Elephant has moved into a new neighborhood. What is a young elephant, who hasn’t made any friends yet, to do? Well, let her get settled in, and then Ellie can go about making one.

Story Telling: This book is a pretty easy read, with a twist. Most children’s picture books have illustrations, but the Ladies Fair have gone with photography. It’s fascinating how these shots were set up.

Likes: Ms. Fair’s use of the scrapbook look was a concept also, the way Ellie went through her day before and after she met Pudgy made for a good contrast aiming to show the importance of friendship, at least at this young of an age. Some of the words just ask you to let your child read them aloud.

Favorite Character: I liked Pudgy.

Favorite Quote: I don’t care if you call it cheating. “The best thing of all-Ellie made a great new friend and felt right at home in her new neighborhood.”

Favorite Scene: The part where Pudgy and Ellie are floating around the pool was cute.

Conclusion: This was a cute little book. Enjoy it with your children.


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