Donna M. Jackson’s with Carol Kinsey Goman’s Every Body’s Talking-What We Say Without Words

I received this book for a fair and honest review.

Overview: Ms. Jackson has found experts in the fields of study dealing with body language. Between all of these experts, perhaps we can master the ability to read and interpret this confusing language.

Story Telling: This is a basic education book. It appears to be aimed at high school students and those who need it as a springboard into the subject.

Likes: This is a subject that I find fascinating. The sections are rather concise, and they include some interesting trivia as well as body language reading tips.

Dislikes: This seemed to be a rather short book, but it also seems to be an introductory book. Perhaps that’s the reason for the length.

Favorite Story: The most interesting chapters were on lying and global gestures. That and Amy Cuddy’s story is inspiring.

Favorite Quote: Here’s a good reason to keep smiling. “Real or not, smiling has been found to relieve stress, lift our mood, and make difficult tasks seem easier.”

Conclusion: This is a fascinating book. One that is good for those who wish to add body language into their stories, or for those interested in the subject. I hope you enjoy this one.


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