D.B. Martin’s Patchwork Pieces-The Patchwork Trilogy 3

I received this book courtesy of Mrs. Martin for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: The board has been set, and the opening moves have been made. Lawrence Juste seems to be one step behind (maybe two or three) his opponent, John Arthur Wemmick–alias, Jaggers. How could this be? Both Danny and Lawrence are relying on Margaret’s intel, so why does it appear that Jaggers is winning?

Story Telling: Let’s get ready for the conclusion of The Patchwork Trilogy. We’re still stuck viewing the whole story from Lawrence’s point-of-view.

Likes: Lawrence may have had a rough childhood, nor did he ever want a child, but he did act like a father. He protected Danny to the very best of his ability. Also, I think Win was proud of his baby brother.

Heather Trinder was a strong woman. She was placed into a bad position, yet she tried to help Lawrence to the best of her ability.

Margaret was brave, even as a girl. Not many would survive with their morals in tact when growing up around sociopath family members.

Dislikes: Everything Margaret was, Rosemary wasn’t. God, that woman was just as twisted as Jaggers was.

Ella was a piece of work as well. Oh, boo-hoo, her boss was born on the wrong side of the tracks. Sorry darling, but where you’re born, or who you’re born to, does nothing to make you a high-class person, or lower class either. Your action do that one.

And Binnie never seemed to get it. You don’t grouse about your family not being there for you, then walk away when they need you the most.

Favorite Character: Margaret Green Juste truly was close to being a saint. She visited Mary, Tended to the grave of Sarah’s cat, and she tried to better the lives of those around her.

Favorite Quote: This comes right after Lawrence learns Margaret’s true fate. “No amount of money is worth taking a life.”

Favorite Scene: I’m not going to lie. I was so looking forward to Jaggers’ comeuppance. It fit both Biblical and natural justice. What happened for Lawrence was just icing on the cake.

Conclusion: This was an excellent ending to a wonderful trilogy. I hope you find room in your library for these books, just as I have.


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