Terry Ray’s Revolt!

I received this book for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: It is the year 2018. The Greentown Militia is meeting in the elementary school for a discussion with one of the National Militia Commanders. It turns out that the President’s plan to negotiate peace with some militant Muslims has failed. And we lost Georgia to boot. The militia has decided, along with the help of the other factions of the Armed Forces, that they are going to make it right. It’s time for a national revolt!

Story Telling: This seems to be a cross between a near futuristic sci-fi and a cautionary tale. This is not an easy thing to pull off without sounding a bit paranoid.

Likes: It was an intriguing story. Jimmy Ford and the rest of the militia showed the stress of the times well. You can easily feel their fear and anger. Mr. Ray also showed what the families of the militia members went through.

Dislikes: Remember when I said that this type of writing can leave the author looking paranoid? Mr. Ray danced along that line. Personally I think if he hadn’t spent so much time trying to prove that liberalistic ideology was ruining the nation, and defending the former President Bush, he would have made out better. Most want a nation of checks and balances, and Mr. Ray should remember the pendulum never freezes at the height of the arch.

Now onto the characters. I can’t believe how stupid they were. I don’t care how many times they were taken in by the enemy’s assurances, they would just walk into another trap. You would think that their paranoia would be at an all time high.

Favorite Character: I would have to say Greta. She always stood by Jimmy, even when she wasn’t sure things were going the right way.

Favorite Quote: It was hard for me to find one this time around, but I pulled it off. ““Tell me the truth, Jimmy…are we going to lose this war?”

“Not if we can help it.””

Favorite Scene: The best part was when the militia found one of the enemy’s strongholds.

Conclusion: Read this story as a good action story. Let’s face it, if one State was to be sacrificed for the President’s negotiation tactics, he or she would be run out of the White House before the ink was dry. I hope you enjoy the read.

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