Lillian R Melendez’s Auditory Viewpoint

I received this book courtesy of Ms. Melendez for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Gloria Rank has quite the life. She is a co-host of a popular radio morning show, and she manages to live a rather independent life. That doesn’t sound like too big of a success until you consider the fact that she is blind. After an interview with an expert in identity theft, Gloria gets a call from Anna. It turns out that Anna is living out the warnings Benjamin, her recent guest, has just given. When a man is murdered outside of Anna’s door, Gloria offers to help her stay alive. Can Gloria, Anna, and Benjamin find out who is stalking Anna? Or will one of them be next on the killer’s list?

Story Telling: This seems to be more of a thriller that the mystery that it is proclaimed to be…more on this one later. Moving on, the descriptions can be a bit jarring at times. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy descriptive writing. But is an action scene the best time for it?

Likes: Benjamin was a cool guy. How many men drop everything just to help a woman that they met a couple of days ago? Also, the book was hard on them, but Sanchez and Henderson were looking for the killer throughout the book.

Dislikes: This would be both Gloria and Anna. Gloria struck me as a control freak. Everything had to be done her way, in her time, so that Anna could, I guess, understand her better. And Anna was, well, wishy-washy. She would do anything as long as you used the right tone of voice with her.

Now the mystery part. I would have preferred to know: who was killed outside Anna’s door, and what happened to that poor security guard. There didn’t see to be much in the way of looking for clues. Or letting us know why that first guy was killed.

Favorite Character: Ah, that would be Benjamin, Brenda, and John. They all seemed to want the best for Gloria.

Favorite Quote: The best comment came pretty close to the front of the book. “Don’t let this situation control your life.”

Conclusion: this is a good start for Ms. Melendez. I hope her next book is stronger.

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