Clifton K. Meador’s True Medical Detective Stories

I received this book courtesy of Dr. Meador for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: The human body, as well as the mind, is very impressive. Sometimes things go very wrong with nobody being the wiser. This book shows the doctors who asked just the right question of the right person at the right time.

Story Telling: This is kind of like most any anthology, with the notable exception that all of these stories are true. Also, as most medical stories can be dry reading with all of the terminology, Dr. Meador has made this collection fun as well as informative.

Likes: Dr. Meador found some interesting stories, and he isn’t even the star in all of them. It’s amazing how the human mind works. The chapter on psychosomatic illnesses tried to have empathy for those who are suffering from their own minds. The idea of the doctors asking questions of the patients or their loved ones, getting to know them, as to learn how to help them is something we need to see more of.

Favorite Character: Dr. Allen Kaiser was nosey enough to really help people out. How did he always seem to find just the right question to ask?

Favorite Quote: I found our quote at the end of chapter ten. “I wonder how many medical mysteries would be solved by full confessions.” Truer words were never spoken.

Favorite Story: The best part of this book was “A Near Death from Hexing.” The way that Dr. Doherty handled the case was beautiful.

Conclusion: This was a terrific book. I found it quite entertaining. It made my library, I hope it makes yours as well.


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