William Wright’s Dizziness and Vertigo-A Simple Guide to Figuring It Out

I received this book for a fair and honest review.

Overview: Do you remember my review for “Jailhouse Doc”? Well, Dr. Wright is back with a handbook straight from his specialty. He is, to put it simply, a doctor who deals with those suffering from dizziness.

Story Telling: It’s rather simple really. This book uses case studies to take us through the main causes of dizziness and vertigo.

Likes: Dr. Wright uses humor in some of his explanations in order to make his points. It made it so the reading wasn’t dry.

Dislikes: No matter how hard you try, you can’t get away from the medical terminology in books like this. It’s not so easy to pronounce.

Favorite Quote. It comes right after Dr. Wright gets through explaining how dizziness works. “Equilibrium, if not dignity, is restored.”

Favorite Story: It may be a little scary. Lorin’s story left me a bit unnerved.

Conclusion: I would highly recommend this book for those suffering chronic dizziness. After all why not go to an expert? It made my library strictly for the research potential.


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