Tricia Fields’s Firebreak-A Josie Gray Mystery 4

I received this book for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: The town of Artemis, Texas is in for a mess. There is a wildfire coming from the north, and another one has jumped the Rio Grande to the south. In the aftermath, tragedy seems to have struck. At the house of a home-town star, a body is found. Who is it? And why is the local country star not answering his cell phone? Josie, Otto and Marta are on the case, and, with help from the fire marshal, they’ll get to the bottom of this one.

Story Telling: Ms. Fields has done a good job on her story. Josie seemed quite real. I could have easily put myself in Artemis. And the mystery part kept me guessing.

Likes: This surprised me. I’ve read quite a few books written by women. And most of them get sexual fast. This one really didn’t. Dell was pretty cool. Just a good old boy, busy-body, dog-sitting, neighbor. He’s just my kind of guy.

Dislikes: I had as much love for Ferris, as I did Mark Sinner. Both of these guys had a major problem. Ferris was a people-user, and Mark had a problem with his station in life.

Favorite Character: Dell and Otto have to duke this one out. Such good examples of southern gentlemen.

Favorite Quote: You have got to give small towns credit. They don’t hide the fact that people talk. From the sign of the Hot Tamale: “The Hot Tamale: Quick Service, Authentic Recipes, and the Most Accurate Gossip in Texas.”

Favorite Scene: The atmosphere in the Hell-Bent after Billie’s accident, was pretty good. Mick showed some of his own insecurities at that time.

Conclusion: It was a good story. I enjoyed it and hope you don’t mind the trip to the border.


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