Koos Verkaik’s The Nibelung Gold

I received this book courtesy of Mr. Verkaik for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Wolf is any medium’s nightmare. With a few words, he can make or break a medium’s reputation. There is a reason, of course. Wolf is seeking evidence of the power of something called a ‘collective.’ A woman, Wera, warned him about a group of mediums who have joined their minds and powers together for a single purpose, calling themselves a collective. Will he find the evidence he needs to save Wera Kellar? Or will he not live long enough to see the beginning of the 20th century?

Story Telling: It was a pretty smooth ride up to the last third of the book. Then I kind of got lost. It seemed like the thread of the story went from finding Wera, to being a treasure hunt. Perhaps I missed something in the process?

Likes: Wolf’s single-mindedness was something to be admired. Wera did try to do the right thing, she was just up against powers stronger than she was.

Dislikes: Like I said, I lost the thread of the story around the time that Johan disappeared. Up to that point the purpose was to find Wera. Afterwards, we got pulled into a treasure hunt. Where did Viktor Blum get his ideas? Why didn’t we get to see who was stronger between Wolf and Blum? And who was Eckartt?

Favorite Character: Michaela was the best person around. She was a skeptic, but not so skeptical that she couldn’t accept the unexplainable.

Favorite Quote: From Wera: “Don’t forget about the collective!”

Favorite Scene: The point when Johan knocked the tar out of Dr. Blum was pretty cool. Perhaps the good doctor should have learned Dutch?

Conclusion: For the most part I enjoyed this story. I just wish that I hadn’t gotten lost in the reading.


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