Lawrence W. Gold’s State of Mind-Brier Hospital 8

I received this book courtesy of Dr. Gold for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Drs. Kim Powell and David Cohen are working on a new treatment for PTSD, Parkinson’s Disease, and aggression. Their treatment has already gone past the animal trials with little trouble, and they are working through the first phases of human trials. Then it happens. After a brutal murder, the courts order the project team to perform their treatment on the psychopath accused of the crime. If the treatment works, where does that leave justice for his victim?

Story Telling: Dr. Gold is a bit slow with his story at places. The science is what did it though. When it came to the treatments, the science bogged down the story’s momentum.

Likes: Abbie was much better in this book. It was interesting to see her as more of a friend than that of a psychiatrist or marathoner. Michael and Karen are back as well.

Dislikes: I didn’t like Kim. Being ethical is one thing. But she was so wishy-washy over what she should do, and she had the call to call it ‘being a conscience.” Really, she struck me as someone who is afraid of being held accountable for her actions.

Jose was my biggest problem. How bad does someone have to get before you stop making excuses for his or her behavior? Fro the record, I don’t believe that either Maria or her family received justice at all. Here a girl is brutally murdered, and all anyone can seem to think of is what is going to happen to Jose? Where are people’s priorities?

Favorite Character: this would be a toss up between Raul Diaz and Al Russo. They were both strong, stand-up men.

Favorite Quote: This is perfect. Straight from the DA’s office: ““I wish I could give you an answer,” Charlie said, “but I can’t. After many years as district attorney, I fully accept the fact that evil exists in this world.”” (Bingo, and I don’t even work for the DA.)

Favorite Scene: The best part, for me, was when Raul was giving his victim impact statement. It was good.

Conclusion: The story was good. I just didn’t agree with the sentencing. But, here in Texas, that wouldn’t be a problem.


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