Marsha Sramek’s The Great Grammar Book

I received this book courtesy of Ms. Sramek for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Ms. Sramek has written this book in order to help others learn the rules of grammar for their writing needs.

Story Telling: This seems like it would be a good book for a writer, doesn’t it? We have a diagnostic test and chapters separated in such a way as to make learning easy. It just doesn’t seem to work that way in practice.

Dislikes: While some of the sentences were grammatically correct, quite a few of them didn’t sound right. I mean if you’re a writer (or want to be one), then this doesn’t help much.

Then there was this one question in the diagnostic test. “Since the Bennets buy gourmet cereals, are always in Starbucks, and constantly wear designer clothes, they have a lot more money that we/us.” As you can see, it’s a ‘pick the right word’ question. The problem that I had was there was an implied word in the answer key. Implied, mind you. The word ‘do’ is nowhere to be seen in this question. Perhaps, this was a misprint. Otherwise, I see Ms. Sramek’s answer as cheating.

Conclusion: Like I said, the sentences might be grammatically correct. But, I think I’ll stick with Strunk’s “Elements of Style” for my writing needs.


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